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Guidelines for Profile Registration

  • Select your city name.
  • Enter Doctor name.
  • Enter 10 digit contact number.
  • Enter your Email id
  • Create Password
  • Click on Registration button
Now you are register tap at Login for Sign-in.

Como- Connect Your Patients

  • Register your profile and start online practice.
  • Connect your patients via text, call and video call.
  • Consult Online, do eOPD & write e-prescription.
  • Publish all your services, facility and your practice information.
  • Make your practice visible digitally to millions of patients
  • Make digital strong visibility and reputation in healthcare.

Register your clinic/hospital for Online Practice & Patients Management

Create Doctor Profile for Online Practice

  • 20000+ Doctors are Listed
  • Cutting-edge advance digital tools which deliver exceptional service.
  • Free Registration
  • Free Doctor Profile
  • Digital Practice

Why choose digitalization of Practice?

  • Make your practice visible digitally to millions of patients.
  • Get maximum reach of patients.
  • Connect and Consult Patient Online.
  • Attract and engage new patients.
  • Build and strenghthen your online reputation
  • View Appointmnet statistics, online fees collection details.
  • Deliver a premium experience patients love

Consult online and grow your practice

Consult online and explore your practice.Reach new patients and connect with your patients online globally.

  • Connect and Consult patients from anywhere, anytime
  • Enhance your revenue with paid online consultation
  • Offer online consult to your in-clinic patients for follow-ups.

Give Book Appointment Facility

The online medical appointment scheduling process is the most efficient and effective way to manage people’s appointments and contact details. Not only does it offer advanced features to streamline the whole process while simplifying appointment booking process, it also helps doctors save a remarkable amount of time and money while staying connected with their patients.

Why Us?

Get new patients

Reduce No Show

Build your reputation

Connect with patient Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Signup for Doctor Profile?
  • Select your city and fill your name, contact number, email ID, password (password is minimum of 8 characters and no special characters are not allowed and submit.
  • Contact number is login ID.
2. How to login for Doctor Profile?

You can log in your Doctor using a mobile number as login ID and enter your created password at signup time

3. What are the features of doctor profile?

A user can register free of cost and keep the medical account (Naini) to book appointments, track history of OPD, IPD, diseases, consulted doctors with uploaded medical records, pay the bill and many more. Naini offers the user to create a personal medical account by providing basic information such as name, contact number, email id, address, etc.

4. How to create doctor profile?

In my profile section you can fill General Information, Education and Registration, Awards and Recognitions, Clinic/Hospital Details and Upload Documents.

How to fill your General Information
  • 1. Select your City Name from given List
  • 2. Fill your Complete Name
  • 3. Fill your Degree
  • 4. Fill your Mobile Number
  • 5. Fill your Complete Address
  • 6. Write a small summary About your specialization and services
  • 7. Submit the details
How to fill your Education and Registration

In this section you can fill details as per your education like graduation, post-graduation and additional qualification.

1. Select your qualification
2. Fill your Medical Registration Number Detail
3. Select your Medical Council Registration Board Name from the given list
4. Fill your years of Registration
5. Select your Passing College or Institute Name (graduation, post-graduation and additional qualification) from the given list
6. Fill your Degree Detail
7. Fill your Year of Passing (graduation, post-graduation and additional qualification)
8. Submit the details

How to fill your Awards & Recognitions

Here you can fill your Awards details

1. Fill your Awards & Recognitions name
2. Fill your Year in which you are awarded
3. Fill your Institute/Society Name which has awarded you
How to fill your Clinic/Hospital Details

In this section you can fill your

1. Fill your full Clinic/Hospital name
2. In next step, if your center name is available in given existing hospital/clinic list then pick the name of your Clinic/Hospital
3. Fill your OPD fee amount
4. Submit the details
How to Upload Documents

In this section you can fill your medical educational degree

1. Select Qualification Type (MBBS, MD, DM, BHMS, BUMS, etc)
2. Fill your Document Degree Name
3. Upload a Scanned copy or photograph of the medical registration certificate as proof (only jpg, jpeg, png format and size upto 200kb)
4. Submit the details
Online Consultations

In this section you can see and manage

1. Name of Patient for Online Consultation
2. Patient Problem/Disease Details
3. Submission Date of Online Consultation
4. Online Consulted Date
5. eOPD Report details
Fee Collection

In this section you can see each online consulted patient’s payment details

Payment Details

In this section you can see each online consulted patient’s payment details

Here you will see Settled Online Consultation fee Payment by Doctori Duniya, on Weekly or Monthly basis.

Bank Details

In this section Doctor can add their Bank Details for receiving payments for Online Consultation

1. Bank Name
2. Branch Name
3. Account Holder Name
4. Account Number
5. IFSC Code