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Upgrade to a smarter clinic/hospital with DoctoriDuniya

Powerful digital healthcare solution to help you manage your practice & consultations digitally.

Upgrade to a smarter clinic/hospital with DoctoriDuniya

Powerful digital healthcare solution to help you manage your practice & consultations digitally.

Clinic/Hospital Registration

Guidelines for clinic/hospital registration

  • Select your city name.
  • Enter the clinic/hospital complete name.
  • Enter 10 digit mobile number.
  • Enter your email id
  • Create Password
  • Re-Confirm Password
  • Click on the Registration button.
Now your registered, tap at Login for sign-in

COMO- List your medical practice and manage online patients.

  • List your clinic/hospital profile Free.
  • Make your practice visible digitally to millions of patients.
  • View Analytics of your visibility on the web.
  • View online appointment statistics.
  • Make digital strong visibility and reputation in healthcare.
  • Keep all your services, facility, and doctor’s names of your clinic/hospital up to date.
  • Activate an Online Appointment schedule facility for a clinic/hospital.

Create doctor profile for online practice in free

Patients are losing patience when trying to access your services on digital healthcare.

Upgrade your patients Healthcare Experience

COMO by DoctoriDuniya

COMO is robust practice management software for clinics/hospitals, with premium access by DoctoriDuniya.
  • Keep all your information up to date with ease.
  • Clinic/hospital photos enhance your profile and help attract more patients.
  • Manage the patient’s appointment.
  • Provide operational convenience and promote relations built with your patients.
  • Improve patient satisfaction.
  • Allows patients to book an appointment with a tap.

Automate your clinic/hospital with DoctoriDuniya

DoctoriDuniya comes up with the digital platform facility to create your clinic and practice’s digital profile, which provides an ease to add or modify your clinic and practice details. Track your result in real-time for all your practice performance metrics, ranking, and total ROI. Medical service providers can add or modify their information with DoctoriDuniya COMO software like- timing, fees, services, facilities, and much more.

Modernize your patient experience

Give the resources to your patients with an easy-to-use online booking service and Online Consultation service that’s intuitive and mobile responsive. New and current patients can schedule an appointment or online consultation wherever and whenever they find you online.

Connect with millions of patients and manage them digitally.

We’ll help you establish a prominent web presence to improve your search result rankings and reach more patients across the web and social. We integrate with the most widely used practice management and EMR & EHR systems.

Why Us?

Get new patients

Reduce No Show

Build your reputation

Connect with patient Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you attract more patients to a clinic?

Nowadays, everything is virtual. Creating an online profile for your clinic/hospital; will help reach out to your various services and facilities with a brief introduction about you and your specialization to the patients. It will be a crucial step towards opening the doors for a more extensive patient base. The more information about your practice, you will be spread online, the more patients you can attract and expand to a robust online presence & authority. Doctoiduniya is helping you to attract and engage more patients for your practice.

2. How can I improve my medical practice?

It’s essential to establish your digital presence to improve your medical practice, which helps you expand your practice and reach new patients. With a COMO Profile, you can connect to potential patients in no time. It helps you:

  • • Connect with patients directly.
  • • Maintain digital presence.
  • • Build and strengthen your practice digitally
  • • Increase patient flow with an efficient schedule

The listing on the web portal comes free.

3. How do you increase patient volume in medical practice?

To build or to maintain a thriving medical practice isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are some tips for building your patient volume.

  • Provide your patients with a clear and attractive web presence means your digital profile should contain not only your contact information, images, and clinic/hospital details but also a way to book your appointment online. It helps to create a welcoming environment for any new patients that might find you through the internet.
  • The professionalism and friendly attitude of both you and your staff also play a crucial role in patient retention.

DoctoriDuniya is providing the tools by which you can increase your patient volume.

4. How can I get my patient back?

Patient retention is crucial to the lasting success of your practice. Here are some points which help to retain your patients.

  • Optimize your web presence to enhance the patient experience, which helps your patients coming back.
  • Increase your profile rank at the digital healthcare portal.
  • Improve your search engine result ranking.
  • Update all your information related to your practice and clinic/hospital.
  • Actively manage your online reputation.
  • Offer your patients the ability to book an online appointment, which allows your patient to reschedule the appointment.

DoctoriDuniya provides all problems solution through their highly advanced technology-based software – COMO.